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Umbah is an alien cybermetal/electronic project.  Umbah is to mutate and reinvent the future sci-fi industrial.


¤ JULY - The Reaktor collection is re-located here now. 50+ ensembles.

¤ JUNE 2015


new offerings available at Bandcamp - relish in the chaotic sirens of ' The Script of Kaman Farix'



¤ APRIL 2015

Corvid Canine / Umbah - Extraterrestrial Ecological

the incredibly vortexual hyperblasting UMBAH/CC Split , is now available on PURPLE TAPE. Released by NOG Records.

Limited edition 25 copies 4 Usd

¤ MARCH 2015

a galaktic return to the abstract and alien worlds. The first of 2 new compositions sent by Queelum. An atmospheric deep space cyber-symphony that journies into the outer realms...



¤ FEB 2015 - review for UMBAH - ASTRONOMICON


JAN 2015 - new album available at Bandcamp - the hypercomplex 'SPACEBORNE SCOURGE' album.




  april 2014 - full discography page for UMBAH and  all my other projects  at BANDCAMP


  feb 2014 - short Sci-fi cybergrind split with CorvidCanine.


Jan 2014  - next chapter 'A Snarly Tangled Quandary' released in DIGITAL at BANDCAMP

JULY 2013 - one of UMBAH's side projects is ready KARDAH 9 - ALIEN COMPONENTS... industrial/cybermetal mixed with dark/deathstep... its another extraordinary umbah-esque mutant that defies convention.. crank that sub!

MAY 2013 - ..and here is a new mega artwork zip (40mb) of all 14 UMBAH albums, the lyrics sheets are included and all art at higher-res than before

APRIL 2013 - check out the double disk JAAR of NEZBORLAN this is UMBAH's very exciting and undescribable side project... wacky and overly complex music... this double album discards all convention and goes straight to the outer fringes of the universe... load - - enjoy

FEB 2013 - metalstorm.net nominate UMBAH for cyber/industrial album of the year.

JAN 2013 Digital release of ASTRONOMICON


Febuary 2012 CD is printed of 'ENTER THE DAGOBAH CORE with 12 page booklet.- now available from I,Voidhanger Records  


August 2011 Artwork released for 'Enter the Dagobah Core' ....designed by J.L. Phlegton.


March 2011. All the recording for new album is complete.... check out BolderokNaron

January 2011. on tour all over eastern europe with brazilian grindcore band Cativeiro

Novenber 2010. things are good for another cd print for the next album through I,Voidhanger. This latest album is nearly completed just a few vocals to do and some mixing...

April 2010. First ever printed UMBAH CD 'Trilobeth' is now available..... . more

December 2009. finished the new album 'Aradrolos' .....


here is a video animation to Beehive. Track from the last Umbah album 'Trilobeth'.


July 2009. put up all the CD booklet for Trilobeth, made a page at last for Wondering I The Umbah Dark Electronic and D'n'B project . And fixed some old mp3 links that were bad. That means no one ever heard Slain amongst others yet!

May 2009.10 tracks currently finished for the next album 'Aradrolos'

April 2009. at last there is a real CD being printed of UMBAH, complete with booklet, lyrics etc... Trilobeth will be available soon, its being released by I,Voidhanger

... and the next UMBAH album is taking shape, still got some bass and vocals to do...

3 new reviews posted Trilobeth, 7 Days of Horror and Continuum


Updated the mp3 page with all the new tracks for 2007


There is now a beta trailer for Avenger, a zombie shoot out game featuring Umbah soundtrack. Check it out here




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